Flower company, Roseshire, has a special collection of gorgeous, handmade bouquets inspired by your favourite Disney films!

You might want to start saving now though, as they cost a pretty penny.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – $205 for 20 roses

Halloween and Christmas are both coming up soon, and while they’re not holidays where you traditionally receive flowers, this Jack and Sally bouquet would be the perfect gift.

You can live like Jack and Sally if you want to with 20 red or white roses, encased in a coffin featuring Jack and Sally art.

Beauty and the Beast – $109 for 12 or $199 for 24 roses

The most rose-inspired Disney film there is: Beauty and the Beast. The real Tale As Old As Time is the love between Belle and Beast which can be replicated in this bouquet. It comes in red or orange roses, or you can have both in a chequered pattern.

Aladdin – $109 for 12 or $199 for 24 roses

You might get the perfect opportunity to gift these this Christmas if you’re watching an Aladdin pantomime. Or if you’re ever watching the stage production. Or maybe your partner just loves Aladdin. These lavender roses are a gorgeous homage to the pair.

Alice in Wonderland – $109 for 12 or $199 for 24 roses

The Queen of Hearts might want these roses painted red, but a true Alice in Wonderland fan would love these gorgeously eccentric colours you might find in the gardens of the animated film. They come in red, orange, and pink and perfectly match the box art and the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ greetings card.

Snow White – $195 for 24 roses

While you might expect white roses from Snow White, these pink and purple roses have to be the fairest of them all. You can also pick from orange and lavender, classic red, or red and white patterns.

Unfortunately, this bunch doesn’t come with a greetings card, but it does come with amazing artwork in the box.

Cinderella – $109 for 12 or $165 for 24 roses

These are great for the traditional lovers, the best couple of them all. Pantomime could be the perfect time for this bunch too, or just to make them swoon. It comes with a matching greetings card and the box is even inscribed ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’ from the classic movie song. You can choose between the traditional red or white roses, or you can opt for hot pink instead if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Little Mermaid – $109 for 12 or $199 for 24 roses

Make it known they’re the biggest Part of Your World with this bouquet. You can take your partner’s breath away with vibrant colours of hot pink, lavender, or the classic red and white pattern.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse – $109 for 12, $199 for 24 or $245 for 44 roses

You can opt for the OG Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The sleek black box brings sophistication to the bouquet and the couple’s iconic red really pops out against it. This is for the true Disney lover out there, and everyone knows it all started with a mouse.

Disney Villains – $199 for 24 roses

This art incorporates all your favourite Disney villains – Cruella De Vil, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Ursula. This is another great way to encapsulate the Halloween spirit. They come in red and purple – the true Disney villain colours.

P.S. I’m not sorry for the puns!