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That’s right, in celebration of the launch of Disney+, are seriously going to hire up to five people to fulfil our Disney dreams of watching 30 movies or shows in as many days.

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All you need to do is prove that you’re the biggest Disney fan out there – simple!

Of course, such a cool opportunity does unfortunately come with some rules about who can enter. Firstly, you must be age 18 or older, and secondly you must be a US citizen or permanent resident.

If you fulfil that criteria, then you’re good to go to enter! Applying is super easy – click here to fill in a simple form, answer some questions and don’t forget to attach a video review of your favourite Disney movie of all time.

If you’re the chosen one, not only will you receive $1000 but you’ll also be treated to a year’s subscription to Disney+ as well as a movie-watching kit including a mouse-themed blanket, four cups, a Pixar popcorn popper and kernels.

BRB, we’re off to send in our application form.