This December, a new Disney princess will be born – their first ever Jewish princess.

A Hannukah-themed episode of Elena of Avalor is in the works, featuring Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

While her new princess doesn’t have a name yet, she will be visiting Elena of Avalor at her royal coronation.

In Disney’s 82-year history of princesses, this new character will be the first Jew, and fans on social media are loving it.

However, some aren’t so pleased:

And others are referencing Vanellope Van Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. Voice actress, Sarah Silverman, is Jewish herself, so many are claiming that she was the first. However, Disney have said that Vanellope was in fact Japanese, being based off of the anime “chibi” styled design.

As well as this, it was not openly shown that Vanellope was Jewish if she was, whereas the new princess will be.

Are you looking forward to it? We sure are!