The Disney Bedtime Hotline has returned, much to the excitement of parents everywhere.

Last year, Disney introduced its Disney Bedtime Hotline, running throughout the summer holidays. With 6 different characters to choose from, your child can talk to their favourite about their day before urging them to go to sleep.

Simply call 1-877-7-MICKEY to hear a message from your favourite character. You’ll have to press 2 to skip the advertisement for Disney store marketing, but here are the numbers to reach your favourite character:

Press 1 for Mickey

Press 2 for Woody

Press 3 for Princess Jasmine

Press 4 for Anna and Elsa

Press 5 for Yoda

Press 6 for Spiderman

There’s a message for everyone, but it only runs until 30th September, so good luck after that! Maybe you could record a message to use a couple of times… Hopefully, it returns again in the future, but until then, enjoy!