On Sunday, 8th March, one of the cast members at Disneyland Paris tested positive for Covid-19. According to management, he doesn’t make contact with any visitors during his time at work.

Lucas Gheddab for the CFTC Disney, said: “He is a night technician who is part of the Ride T1 team. The verdict fell around 8pm Sunday. His colleagues are asked to stay in quarantine.”

Only three employees of 17,000 have been affected by the quarantine and the diagnosed employee has been hospitalised. Management have called for meetings on Tuesday to discuss the virus and what to do next.

The management at Disneyland Paris has said: “This employee has never been in contact with visitors since he works at night when the park is closed. He had been on sick leave for several days because he wasn’t feeling very well. And then, on Sunday, he was actually diagnosed positive.”

Disneyland Paris remains open for the near future while necessary measures are taken place.

Disneyland Shanghai remains closed.