Packing for your holiday is always hard, but for trips to Disney parks, you need something extra special. Whether it’s for your kids or for you, for character interaction or just for fun, Etsy has everything you need. It’s where I’ve found the best ears and all sorts of Disney merchandise.

Everything is unique

Etsy is a very special place where you can find almost anything you can think of, and it’s all handmade and unique. Things you find on Etsy can’t be found anywhere else and are the perfect things for both gifts and trips.

Personalised Canvas Bag by Jakeandzachary

They have the perfect ideas for your Disney reveal

Whether you’re surprising your kids, your partner, or your whole family, Etsy has a huge amount of different ideas for your reveals including t-shirts, cards and even personalised tickets to get everyone excited.

Personalised Disney reveal tickets by HayleysPlaques


If there’s one thing you definitely need for your trip to Disney it’s Mickey ears. On Etsy, there are thousands of variants of the ears, including floral, different themes, and personalised. These help you stand out in the crowd as well as great character interactions. Check out some of our favourites here.

Marie-themed ears by EarsEverAfter

Kids will love personalised autograph books

When you’re meeting characters, an autograph book is a must-have. The kids will love them and they’ll keep great personal memories in amazing personalised books.

Personalised autograph book by GlobalCraftSupplies

They sell Disney WEDDING essentials

If you love Disney enough, which we all do, Etsy even sell Disney-themed wedding accessories and decor including cake toppers, shoes, invitations and more. As long as your partner doesn’t mind!

Personalised Disney wedding cake topper by CraftCabinLaserCraft

Get your kids holiday ready with gorgeous costumes

Although adults aren’t allowed to dress up (Disneybounding has been invented to get around this problem), children are very much encouraged. It improves character interaction and often they can experience things they never thought they could. Etsy is a great place to find personalised costumes and ones you can’t find anywhere else.

Princess Elsa Dress by mimshoppingfrance

It’s got clothes for all the family

Etsy has personalised matching clothes and accessories for all. Whether it’s Mr & Mrs or the whole family, you can find it all. You can even find personalised clothes for bridesmaids and best friends!

Personalised matching Disney t-shirts by BridesmaidStore