It has recently been announced that you can expect to see new parades at Disneyland Paris in the near future.

As announced by Entertainment Operational Director Bruno Chastain at the Job Fair, there will be a new Christmas parade this year, with a new daytime parade to follow in 2022.

The new Christmas parade is set to have nighttime capabilities, with high-tech illuminating costumes. With this in mind, it looks likely that there might be an additional performance in the evening in order to showcase the nighttime magic.

This has drawn a mixed reaction from Disney fans online, due to the popularity of the current Christmas parade. However, with the new parade being adapted for a nighttime audience, we’re bound to be treated to something extraordinary from Disneyland Paris.

This will be followed by a new daytime parade in 2022 which is set to replace the current Stars on Parade. The new daytime parade will launch for the park’s 30th anniversary and will run for five years.

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