That’s right, Sims fans. You can now have your very own Baby Yoda.

You can already buy a Yoda costume for your Sims to wear, but now you can have a Baby Yoda in your house!

The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda, known as ‘The Child’ comes in the newest game update and isn’t custom content like you may think. You can find him under ‘sculptures’ in build mode or search for him as ‘Baby Yoda’. And at 504 simoleons, you won’t have to worry about any motherloding either!

Environment 1?! Is that all?! Environment 10, I do believe.

While ‘Baby Yoda’ isn’t actually Yoda or a baby (in human terms), it’s a much better name than ‘The Child’.

For good reason, people are going crazy for this new update:

We’re definitely going to be looking like this for the next few months: