In case you didn’t know, Frozen 2 has just been released in cinemas, just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays. So it’s no surprise fans everywhere are wanting to see it.

In the US alone, it smashed the box office over Thanksgiving weekend, bringing in $85.2 million (£65.8 million) over the weekend, and a record $123.7 million (95.6 million) over the 5-day holiday.

The previous Thanksgiving record was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013, making $109 million over the Thanksgiving holiday.

On its opening weekend, Frozen 2 brought in $127 million in the US, making it the 3rd best opening weekend for an animated film. In second place was Finding Dory with $135 million (£104 million), just behind Incredibles 2 with $182 million (£140 million). However, overall Frozen 2 brought in over $350 million (£270 million) worldwide.