Earlier this year, robotic photo boxes started popping up around Disney Parks, replacing PhotoPass photographers.

The cameras are placed inside themed boxes and take a couple of timed photos, which can in no way compare to the precise impeccable timing of real-life photographers. Do robots really know how to capture the best photos? The best memories? Or do they just know how to take the most? Timing is so important when getting the best photo, which you definitely want if you’re paying out for a PhotoPass.

Since February, they’ve already been seen at Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, and Chewbacca meet-and-greets, as well as Anna and Elsa’s Royal Sommerhaus.

People aren’t happy with the changes, so @Martsartuk set up a petition on Change.org to keep the Disney Photopass Photographers. He said: “I feel it deflates the magic. A Disney Photographer can capture more than just a picture. They are there to give you the best experience possible. They bring out the best of you in each and every snap of the lens. It’s an added magical touch that can’t be replaced.”

“Technology can work in some areas, but it can’t replicate every field. Please help overturn this decision and keep our wonderful Disney Photographers.”

Since it was set up last month, nearly 100,000 people have signed the petition, and it seems to be having an effect. The photo boxes at Mickey’s Town Square in the Magic Kingdom have been removed.

On the petition, you can state your reason for signing. Vicki Tripp said: “I’ve had pics from ‘the box’ and they were horrible. Just one pose. I’ve seen cast members get on the floor, run from side to side, and grab the attention of the little ones all for the perfect shot. A box could never do that.”

Former PhotoPass photographer, Victoria Anderson, said: “Being a former [Walt Disney World] PhotoPass photographer, I know how magical it is to physically capture these moments. Being able to be a part of those moments and capturing every tear, every hug, every run up to the character, is so important. Physical people capture more than a machine will ever do.”

So, sign the petition today, and help families capture the most magical moments.