While Spiderman: Far From Home has just become the biggest hit in the history of Sony ($1.110 billion in the box office), Sony has decided to end their collaboration with Marvel Studios.

“Disney asked that future Spiderman movies follow a 50/50 co-financing agreement between the two studios, and there have been discussions to extend this to other films that woukd take place in the Spiderman universe,” said Deadline’s Mike Fleming.

“Sony rejected this offer, and I don’t think they even came back to the table with a compromise… Sony just didn’t want to share its biggest franchise.”

Sources say that Sony have proposed to continue their current deal: Marvel recieves 5% of opening weekend revenue, but Disney refused.

Two Spiderman films are currently in the running – but Marvel producer Kevin Feige won’t be returning.

Fans are not happy.

Some fans have even decided to boycott further Spiderman films without Feige’s and the MCU’s involvement, with some suggesting Tom Holland (who plays Peter Parker) to refuse the role in the upcoming films.