Canadian woman, Tamia Richardson, won a free ticket to Disneyland when she was 14 and recently rediscovered and redeemed the ticket! She’d kept it in a keepsake box and forgotten about it for over 30 years and managed to use it last week with her two daughters.

When she won the ticket as part of the 30th-anniversary celebrations, it was worth only $16.50, but now it’s worth a lot more than that: $150. The park accepted and exchanged the ticket for a current daily pass (worth $199) for free as there was no expiration date on it.

Talking to The Los Angeles Times she said: “I was a little nervous because it was an old ticket. I was crossing my fingers.”

“I found it and I said ‘I need to try to use it.'”

During the 30th-anniversary celebrations, Disneyland gave out a free ticket to every 30th visitor, a free plush Minnie or Mickey to every 300th visitor, a commemorative watch to every 3,000th visitor and the 30,000th and 300,000th won brand new cars! The 3 millionth visitor even won a Cadillac DeVille Sedan.

Keep an eye on any free tickets you have, as they may be worth a lot more in the future!