Everyone loves a good trip to the most magical place on Earth, so we went out and asked people what they love most about their favourite parks.

Creating fun, fond memories with family, friends, and loved ones

Everywhere I go in the parks, I’m reminded of great interactions I’ve had with people I care about, with other guests, with movie stars (the characters), and with cast members. And I create new ones every time I visit.

Your troubles disappear

I love Disney Parks because the minute you step foot onto Disney property, it feels as if all your troubles disappear. You cannot help but be captivated by the magic around every corner you turn. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris a few times and it’s just the most perfect place. From Sleeping Beauty’s castle, to the rides and range of characters you can meet, it’s genuinely the happiest place in the world. Marie from the Aristocats is my favourite character and DLP is one of the only places you can meet her, so the park will always have a special place in my heart. In terms of the other parks, I went to WDW Florida as a child however, I cannot wait to go back there in October and fully immerse myself in every aspect of the different parks. I also hope to tick DLR California in the next few years.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes again

I love seeing my daughter’s different ways that she sees Disney World throughout the years that we’ve gone. She was six when she saw Disney World for the first time. She was so starstruck, in disbelief, and basically waled around in awe the entire time. That was my second trip to the parks, and seeing Disney through her eyes made it even more special. We have gone every two years as she grew, and each trip was different with how she saw things. Now she’s a teenager, I thought that, for her, Disney would have lost all its magical appeal. But just last week she asked “when is our next trip?”

The infamous food

We enjoy the authentic international cuisine, prepared by genuine international chefs and served by reak international waiters. Whether a full dinner or just some exotic beers, it’s an experience we can get in no other place on the planet without touring the world. Walt Disney World have truly stepped up the game in amusement park food.

Walt Disney World’s Epcot

I love the music that is playing in the background. All the ways to get around via boat, monorail, bus, or car. Usually, there is incredibly good food, and thereare many surprises that you get: marching bands, bagpipers, buses loaded with characters, and the interesting Florida birds that are all around you. I love what you can learn about other lands, continents, and their customs. Plus, most of the time, you are getting large doses of sunshine. Wear walking shoes though and take plenty of sun cream.

It truly is the happiest place on Earth

As soon as you step through the gates, the magic hits. You know you’re going to spend yet another day in your favourite place, which makes even the queueing worthwhile. I love walking through the Disney Village from the hotels, listening to all my favourite songs, embarrassing my boyfriend while singing along! You can read about it all day long, but nothing will truly prepare you for the magic. No day will ever be the same at Disneyland Paris, and the characters and even the cast members make sure of it. You think you’ve seen everything, and then Raphael comes along! Raphael is Disneyland Paris’ most memorable cast member with his cheeky, bubbly personality and obvious love for making people happy, kids especially. Every park has their special cast members, including the janitor from Tokyo Disney, who plays Under the Sea with his cleaning tools!

It will always be my favourite place

For me, it is mainly about two things; escapism and magic! Since I was a toddler and seeing the adverts for Disneyland Paris in my local Disney store, I instantly knew that it was a place that I had to visit! I adored the films growing up (and still do) and going on rides like ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’, ‘Snow White’s Scary Adventures’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin’ just brought the worlds and characters to life for me in a way that I could never dream of! Disneyland is really is the happiest place on earth and as soon as you step under that bridge at the entrance, you are instantly transported to a magical place, unlike anywhere else. The people are so friendly and happy, the food is delicious, there is music and laughter around every corner and the attractions capture the imaginations of guests of all ages. The magic you feel when your favourite parade song begins to play as you anticipate the floats coming down Main Street USA, or when Cinderella holds your hand as she speaks softly to you in the Princess Pavilion, or when you make a new friend by reading a pin that you have always wanted, that magic can never be beaten. Disneyland is my favourite place in the world and always will be.

Where else?

Where else on Earth can you and your loved ones travel together to the future or relive fairytales in three-dimensions, explore mysterious caves on an island, be in the movie Cars, help the Guardians of the Galaxy escape from being Tivan’s collection, or help rescue Jack-Jack for the Incredibles?

Where else can you travel a rocket through space, a star speeder to Batuu, or a double-decker bus through turn-of-the-(prior)-century? See a speech by Lincoln, meet the Mayor of Buena Vista, personally get an autograpgh and picture with countless movie stars (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mary Poppins and Bert etc) and see fireworks that make all other displays pale by comparison?

Where else can you see pirate Jean Lafitte relive his memories of his swashbuckling days, see the real anchor from his ship? Or watch Mickey slay a 40 foot, fire-breathing dragon by getting back control of his imagination?

Where else can you visit your happy place, and get soaked doing it, or enjoy a runaway mine train, or help defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, ride the first monorail in daily operation in the western hemisphere and then see Nemo get found by his father from the world’s third largest submarine fleet next to riding bobsleds down the icy slopes of the Matterhorn mountain?

Where else can you go with Alice down a rabbit hole, or see so many tiny villages in a canal boat after sailing into Monstro the whale’s mouth?

Where else can you travel with Pinnochio to Pleasure Island and regret it as much as he did just after taking a wild ride through Toad Hall?

Where else can you and your loved ones all together see Toon Town, where all the cartoons live, and narrowly miss getting sprayed by ‘the dip’ which erases cartoons?

Let us know your favourite moments, trips, and parks!