Disney has recently announced several new enhancements for Epcot, including a play pavillion, a new main entrance design, and an experience centre.

The new pavillion will see first-of-its-kind experiences in an innovative and interactive ‘city’ full of fun, games, and activities.

Your favourite Disney characters will also, of course, make their appearances at the pavillion under the vast dome currently known as ‘Wonders of Life’ or the ‘Festival Centre.’

George Kalogridis, president of Walt Disney World Resort, said: “Epcot has always been, and always will be, an optimistic celebration of the real world that is brought to life through the magic of Disney.”

“The exciting plans we have on the horizon will honour Epcot’s rich legacy of creativity and innovation while continuing to exceed the expectations of our guests for decades to come.”

Changes are also being made to Epcot’s main entrance. Guests will be welcomed by new pathways, green spaces, and even a new water feature. It will pay homage to the original prk entrance, giving classic elements a fresh lift.

The France pavillion will see new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction and a Beauty and the Beast sing-along show.

There will be a new 360 film in the China pavillion, and an updated 360 version of O Canada!

New dining experiences will also be introduced, including a space-themed table service restaurant near Mission: SPACE which invites guests to travel high above the Earth leaving with an unforgettable experience.