Ever since I was a teenager and discovered the brand ‘Irregular Choice’ I have absolutely loved their style and quirkiness! Their use of bright colours, bold patterns and whimsical designs is such a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the other shoes on the market. You can imagine my joy, as a huge lover of Disney and Irregular Choice when the two brands collaborated!

We have been treated to a number of stunning Disney Irregular Choice collections so far, some of my favourites being the Mickey and Friends collection, which featured bright images of the famous five, as well as Chip n Dale, the recent Toy Story collection, with playful cowboy prints inspired by Woody and his pals, and of course the Cinderella collection, with light-up sparkly heels! They are every girly Disney fan’s dream come true!

However, the new Dumbo and Bambi collection may possibly be my favourite collection so far! I literally squealed with joy when I saw the teaser photos (so loud that I woke my sleeping baby! Oops!) Dumbo is one of my favourite Disney movies, and I think it is a pure gem of a film, with such lovely characters and story, and partly due to the fact that I think the circus has a certain whimsical magic about it. I also feel that it is rather an underappreciated Disney film (though everyone knows who Dumbo is, not a lot of people have seen the movie it seems) and that we don’t have enough merchandise for this classic masterpiece. The Bambi pieces in the collection are equally as beautiful and eye-catching, reminding me of Spring and all things pretty, which is definitely what we need heading into these grey Autumn days.

Here are some of my favourite items in the new collection:

The booties are always my favourite (I love a good boot!) and these showstoppers are really something special! Featuring a different Dumbo on each boot, one as regular Dumbo and one in his adorable clown costume, as well as 3D details on the hat and collar and iconic circus star print, the ‘sweet little Dumbo’ boots are sure to be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

The ‘Dumbo’s big top’ shoes have a low heel and feature adorable still images from the movie, including Dumbo and his mother on the Casey Jr train and of course Dumbo and his lovable little friend Timothy mouse. The circus big top brilliantly frames the images on each shoe.

‘The big act’ are a classic Irregular Choice flat pump, with large images of Timothy Mouses’ face on the front, along with blue bunting around the edge. They are fantastic for dressing up a more plain outfit or wearing on a casual park day.

The ‘darling deer’ shoes are absolutely adorable! They also have a low heel, so perfect for wearing with your favourite Spring dress (something to look forward to after the rain and snowy seasons leave us!). They have delighting images of Bambi’s face on the front, with light brown furry fabric and they are adorned with beautiful flowers and butterflies, reminiscent of the gorgeous woodland scenes in the film.

I also love the ‘woodland playtime’ booties, which feature images of Bambi, and his skunk pal Flower completed with fluffy 3D detailing, vibrant green grass effect and of course the signature florals make these shoes a dream come true!

Not to be forgotten are the wonderful bags, tights and purses which feature the same charming designs, though a little more purse-friendly price tag, if you still want to add that distinctive Disney and Irregular Choice charm to your wardrobe, but are on a bit more of a tight budget. Though in my opinion these collections are truly works of art and worth every penny! I would buy the whole lot if I had the money!

We have really been spoilt for choice by this collection, and it is full of some truly timeless pieces which I’m sure will delight many a Disney fashionista, just like myself. I know I will be adding some of these beauties to my Christmas list this year (though I usually like to hang on a couple of seasons until some of the shops reduce these beauties into the sale section). Which pair have you got your eyes on?

You can find these beautiful shoes and accessories at Irregular Choice stores, as well as the online store, and other good shoe shops, such as Office, Schuh, and now even ShopDisney!