Lamplight Lounge is a new table service restaurant on Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort and is full of ‘insider’ stories about Pixar.

Lamplight Lounge celebrates the creativity, inspiration and personalities of the artists and storytellers who bring Pixar stories to life. Guests will discover many unique artistic details left throughout the lounge. From sketches on coasters to concept art and memorabilia on the walls, the décor at Lamplight Lounge reveals seven insider facts about Pixar.

1. Pixar celebrates even the early sketch artwork from beloved Pixar films

You can find a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling featuring sketch artwork and film quotes from Pixar animated films including “Coco,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles” and more. The design features blank pages at the top, to represent one of the most difficult stages in the design process – starting with a blank slate – along with character artwork from artists in several Pixar departments.

2. When a film is in production at Pixar, departments create and wear special t-shirts to celebrate the film

Guests will get a close-up look at a little-known Pixar tradition on the t-shirt wall. The t-shirts on display are examples of a celebrated accomplishment, humorous references and jokes, or even a department’s influence on the film. They also show how many different departments come together to create a Pixar film.

3. A conference room table at Pixar Animation Studios features die-cast toys created for the film “Cars”

This is a perfect example of the playfulness present at Pixar. Many décor items at Lamplight Lounge are inspired by the creative interior design of Pixar Animation Studios’ campus. One is a dining table inside the restaurant that closely replicates the Cars table located in one of Pixar’s conference rooms.

4. At Pixar, every toy has a story

Shelves of toys that have been pulled from the Pixar archives hang above the tables. Below the toy shelves are examples of design comments and notes exchanged between Pixar and its toy manufacturing partners to ensure that the final product is as accurate as possible. Each toy goes through many rounds of notes in various forms, including drawings, creative reviews and even video conferences.

5. Like “Easter eggs” hidden in Pixar films, there are many references to Pixar films and the studios’ culture

On the menu, there is a range of references to Pixar Animation Studios, its films and the filmmaking process. For example, guests may order the Park Ave., referencing the street name of the Pixar Animation Studios address in Emeryville, California, or the Goofball Island, named after one of Riley’s personality islands from the film, “Inside Out.”

6. Each Pixar film requires a large amount of artwork, promotional materials and artefacts that are essential to the film’s research and development

Guests will discover some of this film-related memorabilia along the Lamplight Lounge art wall, including concept art, reference materials, props and physical renditions of artefacts from the films including “WALL-E,” “Toy Story,” and “Ratatouille.” For instance, guests may see the adorable crayon drawing of Bing Bong in the “Inside Out” area. When the Bing Bong drawings began looking too much like the work of adults trying to draw like kids, Pixar artists called on an employee’s 7-year-old daughter to draw them.

7. The talented teams at Pixar often share handwritten notes during the creation of a film

Some of these notes are even showcased at the Lamplight Lounge. In the sketch art chandelier and in the hallway leading to the restrooms, guests will find some iconic Pixar film quotes that were handwritten by Pixar employees, the most loved being “WHERE. IS. MY. SUPER. SUIT?!” from “The Incredibles.”